ARES Srl born to family tradition in the field of construction, purchase of property, land and buildings. A company now accomplished, counts on the collaboration of at least 40 companies, to give its customers a guarantee of quality, competitive and optimal.

Ares Srl uses the quality management system certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001.

How we work in buildings

Our company is proud today to have a skilled group of operators for each industry, and offers the customer not only the realization of works, but it provides them with a technical, which deals in the screening of all the explanations and elucidations needed, and subsequently the possible graphic presentation of tables and / or files relating to the construction (the request of building permits, as well as specifications, static structural calculations, records relating to land registration, projects, etc.), in addition to monitoring each phase of production for each site. So our company guarantees the customer a product that goes beyond the project until completion!

Work by safety (D.lgs. 81/08)

Before the entry into force of Legislative Decree no. 81/08 site safety was exclusively regulated by Presidential Decree DPR 547/55 and 164/56, which completely autonomy and accountability to the undertaking, although subject to audits by inspection bodies, drew up the "Safety Plan" only in circumstances in which it was subject to the Anti-Mafia Law (55/90) and Merloni Law Bis (109/94).

Among the most significant innovations introduced by Legislative Decree no. 81/08 and its subsequent amendments, is that of having engaged in first person the customer in the safety management of temporary and mobile, which must necessarily designate, to overcome certain parameters established by law, two figures engaged in the coordination of site safety: the safety coordinator at the Design and Security Coordinator at runtime. In particular, the fundamental task assigned by the legislature to the Head of Security at the design stage, making contractual document is the preparation of the Safety Plan and Coordination (Italian PSC), which must comply with all companies involved in the construction process.

The decree establishes new responsibilities and obligations for subcontractor companies that must prepare for each site, the Operational Safety Plan (Italian POS) which contains, among other things, the arrangements for safe management of individual activities in compliance with PSC than an indication of a number of figures within the body of the business which is entrusted with the safety management, after proper information and training. Responsible for supervising and coordinating the building process on site is the Coordinator of Security at Execution (CSE) which, after verifying the completeness of the POS of each company (as per Presidential Decree 222/2003), check that the working stages are conducted in the information contained in those documents. In this context, ARES Srl create a team of qualified engineers and professionals, and offers to the client all necessary facilities to comply fully with the law about in the building process. In particular, ARES Srl aims to Clients, with its licensed professionals and have experience in technical management or supervision of works in construction, to cover the figures of the Security Coordinator in the planning stage (and hence the drafting of the Plan Security and the Technical Coordination and Opera) and Security Coordinator at runtime. ARES Srl offers to companies for preparation of standard operating procedures and as a consultant in the overall management of the construction process in particular and security experience.

Why choose ARES Srl

This is a solid foundation from which expresses our company, already for years, its potential through the realization of works large and small, for private and public bodies. Values which form the basis for a philosophy of work and continuous innovation. The application of strict internal procedures has allowed us to significantly reduce accidents and injuries. Meet and exceed customer expectations is a goal that Ares Srl has achieved through a perfect management of each enterprise, with responsibilities involving all staff and suppliers of the company. The customers to whom the company is represented mainly by construction companies and private individuals. The production for the needs of their yards avoids any delays due to inefficiency and ensure works are carried out in respect of time in the program work.